Boyfriend Split

(5.02.2006 US)

1. Outlawz
2. Feelin' Fancy (Goin' Crazy)
3. Damn Dinosaurs
4. Carl Jones
5. Peep Game [Club Mix]
6. Long Live the Effing Queen
7. Spring Formal
8. Unplug My Heart

Suicide Pact EP


1. The Gheyest Song Possible
2. The Queen ft. Big Red
3. Long Live The Effing Queen
4. Barney Rubble
5. Convertible


SB Space Needle

Commit emo rap suicide and wear the Southside Seattle skyline on your left breast.

$7 USD

SB Patch

Great for a trucker hat, right below the left pocket of your girl pants, or that new vintage bag you just picked up at the Goodwill Store..

2/$1 USD

Southside Seattle
SB T-Shirt

Tell the tale of your hard-knock southside
roots and look good doing it.

$7 USD

southside seattle shirt

Grassroots Gear
SB Face T-Shirt

Grassroots gear. For the krew, by the krew. Listen to it, love it, live it. (with grassroots threadz)

$5 USD

Emo Rap Pride Buttons

You're an Emo Rap Fan and you're proud. Beautiful, beautiful 1" booster face emo-hipster buttons delivered in assorted flavor 4-packs.Half or even one-fourth the price of that screamo band's buttons!

4/$1 USD


Barney Rubble

Only the finest! Sweet, sweet sugar smuggled from South America and packed in G-MO's kitchen. We pass the wholesale savings on to YOU!