Well, '05 is upon us and the rap is in high gear. First of all, just a couple of shout-outs:

Donald in New York: Your hospitality was overwhelming. Though we weren't much for your fine wines (since our taste buds have been had malt liquor scars for years), your ability to attract classy women was an experience I know we'll never forget.

GMO's grandpa, Sammy in Florida: "Do it again, dude!" HAHA!

Our loyal fans: Thanks for making what we do so worthwhile. All the fan e-mails are lovely and such. We'll always keep in touch...

SB has temporarily relocated to Hendricks Studios and has once again decided to kick out some brand new jams. Keep your eyes peeled on the main SB page for exciting new info on upcoming shows, excellent new merch, brand new songs, and some cool site updates (different areas of the site may be down while we do some maintenance).
We also recently recorded a new seventy-five song EP and hope to have it mastered very soon for your listening pleasure. We will keep you updated on everything...we promise. Our out-of-touchness is inexcusable...but there's a story behind that...
For now, befriend and keep in touch with us @ My Space or hit us up on the forums. We’ll be back on the road at the beginning of March to promote the currently unnamed EP.

<3 SB


For those of you living in the Idaho/Utah/Arizona/New Mexico/Texas/Louisiana area, get ready for a rock show to top all other rock shows that have been shown on the rock show show-er. Our long time friends, Clarity Process,will be taking the U.S. by storm and we will be joining them on the south/midwest leg of their tour. For those of you who haven't heard their music, the Boosters are officially stamping your Internet passports to sweet musicsylvania to check out their music.

There has been a lack of updates lately (mostly because of time spent in the studio with Reggie and the Full Effect) so here's the latest news from each individual member:

Drrty Byl: After a grueling summer of culinary arts classes, his fans will be pleased to hear that he's gone back to his old habits of malt liquor and fried sweet potatoes. I recently received a voice mail from Drrty that was preceded by "Nigga, this is the drrtyizt man you know!" ...how true.

B-Money: Anyone who knows anything about the boosters knows that B-Money keeps it real. He keeps it real scientific. B-Money just recently won the "Seattle Kensington's Award for Most Unique Presentation" for his presentation on thermal dynamics at a conference in early August. Celebrartion with his favorite beverage of choice, kool-aid and Crown Royale, followed.

MikMak: When he's not tearing up the streets on his mountain bike, he's tearing up the trails. Mak recently stole a Gary Fisher mountain bike and has been riding non-stop through the hills. His longest stint with his bicycle lasted nearly two weeks, no one quite knows where he went or why he came back with a tatoo of a flamingo on his chest. He's always been the mysterious type.

Emo C: Sadly, Emo C lost a member of his family in August. Emo C's younger brother, Sterling, lost his life in a terrible accident in the north side of town. Emo C wishes the details of his loss to be kept off the site, but asks for your prayers in this time for him. Oh, and he also got a girlfriend.

Sloppy Sekonds: Sloppy grew his hair a little bit long for a few weeks. It was all long like a hippy, so he decided to sell beads. While at an art bizarre he met a girl named Violet. She's not only perfect for him, but (as Sloppy will tell you himself) she's got a great knack for philanthropy.

That's all for now. Be sure and clear your calendars for next month as we make our way down south.


We'd like to thank everybody that came out to the show last night in Denton, Texas: we had a heartwarming blast. G-MO said he was happy to do an intimate club gig, far from the arena rap performances of his recently completed European tour.

The Album Leaf nearly made tears rush from my skull a few times during their set.

The Movies played a show worthy of being filmed. They also had a shirt for sale that read "[Heart] I PUSSY".

We forgot to make a few shout-outs, including one for our favorite band, Man Factory. Check them out, they've got demo jamz available for download -- that "Outlawz" track is HOTT. But make sure you go to "manfactory.cjb.net" and not "cjb.manfactory.net" or you'll be in for a naughty surprise.

We'll be heading back down to the studio to complete our long-awaited release, "Romantic Getaway". Watch out fo dat.



All the Boosters are extremely excited about tonight. Just incase you haven't peeped above this text and to the right, tonight we're playing with one of our favorite musical acts, The Album Leaf. We really hope to catch a lot of you out at the show tonight. We want to meet you, talk to you, and share a couple laughs...
GMO caught the show in Austin last night and was impressed completely. And speaking of GMO in Austin...

Though it pains his Seattle kin (Emo C, Sloppy, Jeff, Mik Mak, Hal, Steve, Bjorne--just to name a few) GMO has moved to Austin, Texas to start a brand new recording studio. Based on the amount of money he's spent ($6.7 million) I'd say that it's a studio the likes of Austin, Texas has never seen. If you live in the area or anywhere in Texas for that matter...look him up. He'll be recording anything and everything, so be quick to get in on the list of participants.
You can check out the website for the studio @: www.tranquilitystudio.com. You will find all the contact information you want there.

Alright, I just woke up and there is this nasty emotional taste in my mouth I have to get rid of. It's always cool to visit the guys in Texas, although it is too hot and flat here. I miss the Tetons... Hope to see a lot of you tonight!


In an ongoing effort to remain in constant communication with our overwhelming fan base, you will now see an "online" status indicator on the top of this page. This will let you know if we are "online" at the moment and you will either be able to leave us an instant message, or leave us a message--instantly. Instant communication is not very emo, but communication is. So, that being said, communicate.

SB );


Myspace.com apparently has a seperate category listing for bands and SB has been asked to make another special account to recruit more emo hop hop fans to the emotional e-friends site. So, go ahead and hop aboard, become our friends and help spread the love that is: Emo Hip Hop.
Check back soon for some new tracks off of our new album. Dj Sloppy Sekonds is working tirelessly with producers from Big Daddy to get our album mastered to perfection. After just a little bit more studio time it should be ready to be sent from our hearts to yours.
Until next time.

SB );


This just in from GMO:

Just saying whats up to my boosters. The tour is going great. I am in Toledo right now and the
crowds are eating Gmo style up. The ladies are quite receptive here as well. Gmo loves that sheat.
Gmo style lives on 4 eva. Keep it fa reaaal.

the Muther Fuggi?GGGMMMOO


The good folks at Bandai Japan have been working on a Sensitivity Boosters anime for some time now
set to air in Japan, Taiwan, Laos, Malaysia and Korea this fall. We wanted to give you all a sneak preview
of what to expect from the show with these final character comps they just sent us.

G-MO has released a list of solo album (entitled "G-MO STYLEZ LIVE ON FOREVER") tour dates that will
coincide with a religious pilgrimage to his birthplace and cherised homeland of España. G-MO is doing his
own booking for this tour, so let him know if you're interested in having him perform or know someone that is.

We've also added some photos from a show we did in Texas.


Just added a bunch of new pictures.
There is discussion with our booking agent and Piebald (Boston band) regarding a tentative Piebald/SB tour
this summer. We're thinking that our fans could help out with this. It would be a good move for both groups.
All you have to do is click here to send Piebald a message and let them know you want to see it happen.
Click here if you would like to see us on The Late Show with Conan O'Brien. We love you.
That's all for now, until next time-- ):


Lots of stuff finally up on the merch page. Be sure and check out the exciting capitalistic ventures you can
now embark on. T-shirts, cds (a few imports are still left), and our own blend of dusty flava flav for you to peep.
Check it.

More updates will be coming to the photo section. Drrty brought back a lot of new photos from his
European tour and there are new pictures of some underground shows we've done to be shared.

Oh crap! Did I mention you can get framed photos of SB?


Drrty is heading to kick off his Euro solo tour, and I'm sure your thoughts and prayers will
be with him. Peepin' Europe!

In other SB news...
Mik Mak and Emo*C's side project "The Wienerlins" are headed to the studio to record their first
album Strokenof. Keep your eyes and ears peeled... Special thanks to Easy Street Records for helping
finance this venture. We couldn't do it without them. For those of you who don't know...they're at Queen
Anne and West Seattle.

Until next time: keep boostin'.


Olympia, OH MY! You guys were AMAZING. Hoes, it was especially cool to see all of you bumrush
the stage when Sizurp took off his top.

Drrty BYL will be touring the U.K. from March 13-18 to front SB. Londoners, Glasgowers - be on the
lookout for him at your local pub. Dates to follow soon.

See you at the G-Night 2Nyte. Early arrival is a good idea - G-Night only holds 300.

SB );


SB would like to apologize about the outage of the site. Apparently, webhosts don't appreciate two
bagillion gigs of data transfer within a 24-hour time period.
We love it. (;

Emo C


Be sure your popups blockers are "off". You'll want to sign up for the SBCrew mailinglist.
Important news and giveaways will be sent that you won't want to miss out on. Including more info on
a surprise show in February! E-mail members will find out more... (;

Emo C


G-Mo was quoted in an article on Emo Rap by a Texas college newspaper along with members of Anticon.

We'll be kicking off our Benefitz 04' Tour at the end of this month. Along for the ride will be the emo rap
stylings of In Your Room. Check back for current tour stop info -- SB might be comin' to your town.
See you at the show.

SB ) ;


Greetings, y'all.
The new site is in the works and things will be winding down as our mid-coast tour comes to a screeching halt.
Give us a "wussup" on the message boards, and wipe away those tears - we will be in your hood very soon.

Sexually yours,