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The rumors are true. Our new split CD with Arlington, TX's Man Factory is titled the “Boyfriend Split” and features 4 songs from each group, available on Boyfriend Records May 2nd, 2006. Visit the e-card and listen to the album!

If you pre-order the CD you'll automatically be entered to win an external hard drive full of ALL of the Sensitivity Boosters' songs (old stuff, unreleased stuff, unheard-of-stuff, mostly sweet stuff). The bigwigs at Boyfriend are running an extensive radio campaign for the Boyfriend Split, so make sure to call your local college/public access station and request "Unplug My Heart" or Man Factory's "Damn Dinos". Also -- if you add the Boyfriend Split banner to your Myspace page we'll put you in our top 8. Now that's incentive!

Due to overwhelming requests, we've decided to re-release the Suicide Pact EP after blazing through the first 5000 copies. You can download the album along with case and CD artwork completely FREE of charge right here! All the songs you love, re-released in pure digital form. Awwwww!

We're trying something totally new on this tour. Be sure to check back for a download link on our site right next to "Breakup Tour 2006" dates for a special emotionally-packed file stuffed with pics, lyrics, and the official tour set list. You'll know exactly what to expect and what we have in store for you on this tour. We really love it when everyone sings along to our songs!


It's hip hop week on NPR; you can check out interviews with greats such as Ice Cube, Ice T, Grandmaster Flash, RZA, etc. here:

Maybe one day there will be an Emo Hip Hop week on npr. };

Most recent Booster updating has been done via our MySpace blog, so be sure to check it out. We've all been really busy trying to escape the perils of emo hip hop stardom (coffee habits, perpetually flat bike tires, nonstop farting, cigarette smoking from the wrong end, splitting the ass of girl pants, death by depression, etc.) by working on some stuff in the studio! We'll have a new release out very soon on BOYF, and Conrad has been bargaining with various touring companies to organize the supporting US/international dates.

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The tour has been great. Thanks a million for coming out to support the emo hip hop revolution. We've still got a few hand-silkscreened limited edition copies of our new release, Suicide Pact EP on hand. Be sure to get one when we stop in your town.

In other news: we'll be launching a brand new website sometime in the next few weeks - it should be wicked-bad: check back regularly to see it first. Be sure to leave us a message on the SB Myspace page, we'd love to hear from you.

See you on the road.




Bear with us while we get our site working again. We are switching servers and the process is a bit slow-going. So, in the mean time, I've added a MySpace link on the top of the page below the booking link so our fans wont ever be that far away.

And hey, happy Valentine's Day. If you would like a special e-mail Valentine from SB, just write us an e-mail and we'll be sure to write you back. If you're feeling daring, leave a phone number...


Forum user MagicIan recently made us a flyer for an upcoming leg of our tour. I liked it so much I decided to make it a pop up for one of our upcoming shows. So turn them there pop-up blockers off for our site. You can always trust our site to maintain the highest-quality pop ups. If penis enlargements or discreet sexual encounters are what you're into, however, I'm sure you could e-mail Drrty and he could hook you up with either.


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